Chaos Communication Congress 2017 – We were there

January 15, 2018 by Mariana Balla

Chaos Communication Congress or simply CCC , is a four-day conference focusing on technology and social issues of our times. The organizers, the Chaos Computer Club, try to bring up to the spotlight privacy issues and the importance of the human rights on the digital world we “breathe” every day. Through workshops and presentations the attendees have the chance to get updated on how the unethical use of the digital resources that we have on our disposal can harm or transform our society.

Our team, as a collective of creative individuals dedicated to work in the open, couldn’t miss the chance to be there. We share the same values with CCC when it comes to the use of free and open source tools for our work and that’s why Elio, one of our team members and the founder of Ura, was there on the last week of December to present at the FSFS assembly track.

During the Identihub presentation

The major focus of his talk was the introduction of the attendees to our creative process, the way we operate, our works with our clients so far and our latest product Identihub, the open source hosting platform for brand and visual asset management. A special part of the talk was to explain why we choose to work with open source tools and why we decided to go fully open by having a task manager on Github, which means that everyone has the chance to see our progress as weeks go by and why we support other open source initiatives out there. Of course, working in the open means that even more fellow hacktivists can contribute in every operational process of Ura, which is something we aim to grow even more in the next months.

As the new open source kid on the block, Identihub was on the primary focus of this lecture. The software and its features were presented to the participants of the assembly and explained capabilities, the license and the need of free open source organizations to improve their visual representation. At the end, our teammate explained how everyone can contribute and support this initiative, either by contributing on GitHub or supporting us financially on a monthly basis by signing up at our dedicated Patreon page. Most important, our participation at 34C3 resulted in using Identihub to host the visual identity of the conference.

Of course, from an event of this kind we couldn’t miss sharing some swag. We had our stickers and 3D-printed logos distributed to the participants of the Congress.

Overall, CCC was a great experience, which resulted in good feedback from the audience and members of the open source design community. See you in the next edition.