Ura has a new website

March 19, 2018 by Mariana Balla

Our new website is up and running! When Ura was founded we were just 2 people trying to build something in our free time. Since then, we came a long way and others have joined us too. It was time for us to move away from WordPress to a more contribution friendly platform, such as Jekyll.

Whereas WordPress makes it quite difficult to open source a website, Jekyll allows outside contributors to suggest tweaks and file Pull Requests for every aspect of the website. You can get the code and file issues on our Website’s GitHub repo. Every new git commit gets synced right on our production website. As the website is still being polished and tweaked, we appreciate your bug reports and suggestions so we can iterate further.

Oh, last but not least, we also updated our logo! Head over to its Identihub page where it lives. It now has an updated wordmark with improved readability and adhering to our typography guidelines.

New Ura Logo