Open Source Design Workshop #3 in Tirana

Open Source Design Workshop #3 in Tirana

July 14, 2018 @ 6 PM - 8 PM

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During July 14th we will have our 3rd edition of Open Source Design (OSD) workshops. This time our workshop will be focused on Identihub, the open source software where you can host your brand’s visual assets. By “assets” we mean everything that can be related to your brand, like its logo, font(s), colour(s) and different icons. The participants will have the chance to create their own pages on Identuhub and explore the software's features.

On the second part, Renata Gegaj our Usability expert will explain why Usability Studies are important, in order to have the best possible outcome with UX Design. She will showcase the projects she has been involved in the past and how Usability Study was conducted for them.

This workshop will be hosted at Open Labs Hackerspace, the local FLOSS community in Tirana. Join us!