About You

Do you enjoy building accessible and user friendly web experience as part of a small open source team?
Then hit us up!

About Ura Design

Ura is a small design studio with a particular focus on Open Source and Privacy-enhancing technologies, working with and for open source projects to improve their Usability and Design.

Job Description

Ura is looking for a Frontend Developer with a keen eye on best UI practices on the web.

Essential Responsibilities (including but not limited to)

  • Prototype interfaces based and wireframes from the design team
  • Develop and deploy custom design systems and style guides
  • Work in an open source environment (Mattermost, Etherpad, GitHub, Nextcloud)
  • 5-20h / week remote work (flexible regarding time commitment)


  • Excellent written and verbal English skills
  • 1+ years experience working HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Understanding of Git version control and developing in the open
  • Understanding of local development environments and integration of varying components


  • Written and verbal Albanian skills is a plus
  • Basic Linux admin (ability to SSH, view logs, run tests)


Payment is done on an hourly basis ideally. Please let us know of your desired hourly rate so we can discuss payment terms based on your expectations. Alternatively we offer payments on a per-project base.


Send us an email at hello@ura.design with your hourly rate, your available time and resume.