About You

Ura Design is seeking a part-time, social media specialist. In this role, you’ll represent us in an ongoing online conversation with web developers, designers, and activists who are closely following the work of the projects are involved with. This is a part-time position for someone eager to grow our social channels, with a primary focus on Twitter.

As we roll out new projects, initiatives and collaborative efforts, your strategy of tweets and social interaction will introduce and amplify these offerings. We’ll be relying on you to raise awareness and grow audience.

You’ll learn to understand the unique characteristics of our audiences. Our copy will be on-point and not try to please audiences or boast with our work. Your writing is informed, inclusive, accessible, sometimes amusing but never condescending. Past experience with developer communications or communities is also a strong plus.

While we have a lot of projects to showcase we will rely on your creativity to enable a wider range of strategies on Twitter, no matter if AMA's, Q&A sessions or other content.

About Ura Design

Ura is a small agency specialized in open source design, working with and for open source projects to improve their Usability and Design. We are specialized in Visual Identity, Brand Strategy and generally UX Design catered to open source workflows (having worked both with grassroots and enterprise projects). In the past we have helped Mozilla, The Tor Project, The Linux Foundation and Free Software Foundation Europe among many others.


  • Please share at least 3 examples of short-form writing (including content written for Twitter).
  • Bonus points for sharing images and animations you’ve created for Twitter.
  • Past professional experience with social tools and tactics
  • Knowledge of graphics tools for social sharing


  • Written and verbal Albanian skills is a plus
  • Understanding of Git version control and developing in the open


Please let us know of your desired hourly rate so we can discuss payment terms based on your expectations.


Send us an email at hello@ura.design with your hourly rate, your available time and resume in PDF format.